AlltimeGaming News
I started a series called AlltimeGaming news before my time with the Youtube channel came to an end. I wanted to round-up the week's biggest gaming news stories into one video, so our audience could come to us first to find out what was happening in the gaming world.
Although not many were made, shooting on location was always fun, and a good way to show our fans that we do have personalites outside of being in the studio. The two vlogs below were from a trip to Gamescom, Cologne in 2019, and a partnership with Bethesda and id Software where we took part in banger racing.
Six Lists
Six lists were our bread and butter at AlltimeGaming. It was a series of videos that rounded up various topics into six different points. Topics varies from game releases, certain aspects of a game, or a more generic vibe. I also designed the thumbnails for each video, to entice users to clickthrough. I was also responsible for the back end SEO to enhance reach.

During my time at AlltimeGamingTV, I took part in, and also hosted podcasts. The AlltimeGaming Super Show was formed to bring more long-form content to the channel. During each show, we would talk about trending topics, and newly broken news from the gaming industry.
AlltimeGaming Livestreams
Livestreams were a way for us to play newly released games throughout the week, all the while engaging with our fans on a more personal level, rather than in the comments sections of videos.
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