Stop Motion Facebook Video 
This was to advertise the new flavors of Upbeat Active.
Upbeat Active Information Videos
The resolutions of each video were optimised and rendered for each social media platform: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram branded accounts. They were used when advertising the Upbeat Active blog.
We interviewed @GraceFitUK on what it takes to start your weight loss New Year's Resolution off at the gym.
Video assets for advertising purposes
I created these videos with the aim of spreading the Upbeat Active brand around social media. There is a mix of video .mp4 and .gif files depending on the content. Any video under 30 seconds auto-repeats on social media, so I usually opt for the higher quality .mp4 file format for added quality over a .gif.
This video overlay was created as a clue to the Guess The Flavor campaign we ran before releasing their new Coconut flavored drink. 
This little cartoon was made to help give the Upbeat brand some character. 
Upbeat Active Product Shots.
I was tasked with taking pictures for the Upbeat Active Instagram page. All images are my own work, and have been optimised to fit the required Instagram resolution.
The #fuel657 Journal Advert
This image was made inside Photoshop to advertise the #fuel657 Journal, which was hosted on blogging site Medium.
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