Here's a collection of adverts I created for social media, to run in paid ad campaigns. As the site was new, we had a focus on traffic to the website, to get as many eyeballs on our website as possible. Campaigns were built for multi-funnel targeting, from fresh leads from chosen audience types, to retargeting and custom-made landing pages. We used targeted audiences from various different industries including business, marketing, design, SMEs, small independent businesses and more.
This is an advert that I made from scratch using After Effects and Premiere Pro. I used a professional voice over artist to record the voiceover, though the script was mine.
Here are some typical social media video assets created by myself to stand out on the social media feeds.
These assets are from the 'Made It On' campaign which saw traffic increase from social media platforms. The focus was to capture people in work environments, to simulate that they had built a business using freelancers to help them with their digital tasks, and therefore making their business a success. I used bright colours to make the adverts stand out in a sea of similar-looking posts on social media feeds.
The same creative style as above, but laptop screens became the focus, using the homepage. Taglines also changed to suit the creative.
The 'Any time, any place, AnyTask!' campaign was to showcase that could be used anywhere in the world in a variety of situations not common with freelance platform usage.
These image adverts used common facts to encourage people to purchase tasks on, either to improve their business offerings or to improve their individual circumstances.
Here's everything else made for From banners to use for Google Ads, to review testimonial posts to use on social media, to paid social, to organic social campaigns.
Following on from paid-social, I am also responsible for our YouTube offering. We concentrated on hints, tips and lifehacks for businesses, to increase reach and clickthrough potential, all the while offering subtle and sometimes not so subtle call to actions throughout the videos. See some examples of my work. And yes, that's me on camera.
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